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DIY Spa Night


Men or women, we all have those nights when we just want to melt into a puddle and not get up again until next week. It might not involve a lengthy period of time in a bathtub/hot tub. For some, it's enough to shower, then crash in front of the TV for a while or go to bed early, maybe with a good book. If it's a really bad day, you might even skip right to going to bed and shower in the morning. Oh, yes. We all knows those days... If you dream of a spa night, but the local prices are beyond your budget, this is for you.

Body Scrub

Exfoliating is great for both genders. It's good for leaving your skin wonderfully soft and smooth--far more appealing on women, I know; but, I'd bet that the average woman would agree that the appeal of calloused hands on a man has its limits. Work-roughened hands on a man are almost every woman's dream. Hands with uneven, dry edges that catch as you move...not so much. Exfoliating serves to smooth out the callouses on your hands, elbows, knees, and feet--which is also a benefit to your socks and blankets.

To make: Put a few spoonfuls of sugar or epsom salt in a bowl, with just enough oil to make it wet when you mix it together--then a little bit more oil. This can be melted coconut oil, olive, or avocado oil--whatever you have on hand. I don't recommend vegetable, canola, corn, peanut, soybean, etc. oils; but, at its most basic level, the purpose of the oil is to soften the sugar/salt and to provide lubrication when exfoliating your skin. Cheaper oils should be fine for use at the sink or in the shower. However, if you also want to moisturize/soften your skin and just luxuriate in the bath for a while after scrubbing, coconut, olive, avocado, etc. are better options. To improve on your scrub, you can also add a little bit of melted shea, mango, or cocoa butter; a bit of ground coffee; a bit of cocoa powder; a bit of extract; etc. This can be vanilla, orange, almond, peppermint, or lemon extract--just be sure to use extracts like peppermint and lemon sparingly. If DIY mixing isn't for you, and/or you want ingredients that would cost you more to buy individually, I have several options immediately available, plus endless custom varieties.

To use: Scoop a little bit of the scrub into the palm of one hand, using either a finger or a spoon. Rub it in small circles over the desired areas, being sure to avoid the genitals, arm pits, and other ultra-sensitive parts of the body. Let the oils soak in for as long as you want, then rinse off, using a small amount of soap to remove the excess oil, if desired. If water gets into the scrub container, you'll need to use it all or discard it within a week, to avoid bacteria growth.

For your face: First and foremost, I recommend using a washcloth. The face is very sensitive and a washcloth is the gentlest method I know of. However, unscented body scrubs can also be used, with care. Using scented body scrubs depends on the scrub. I use coffee and cocoa powder in a sugar scrub all the time. I also like orange and lavender essential oils, as well as lemongrass, cedarwood, rosemary, and other suitably gentle oils, in suitably gentle amounts, of course. Everything in moderation. For scrubs, I recommend using a baking soda scrub, instead. Just follow the same recipe as above, but with baking soda instead of sugar or salt.

Bath Soak

You can absolutely go with a tub of comfortably warm/hot water, nothing special added. However, my go-to is a scoop of epsom salts (probably about 1 cup), a couple tablespoons or so of my 75:25 blend of avocado and jojoba oils, 6 drops of sweet orange essential oil, and 12 drops of lavender essential oil. I made the 100% switch to showering sometime in high school; but, the above combination is enough to make me wish I could soak in the tub all the time. It smells delightful--with a scent that most would probably consider feminine, but not so much so that the average guy wouldn't enjoy it too. For saving time or for gifts, other options are my bath melts and bath salts.


For best results, dry off gently to avoid rubbing away newly absorbed oils. Then, apply a thin layer of moisturizer. It's natural to think that the oil in the bath water should be enough. Surprisingly, it's not. I believe a lot of it is that the water and the towel remove oils--not all of it, of course, but enough to benefit from a separate moisturizer. I especially enjoy how soft and smooth my skin feels after applying a layer of the aforementioned avocado and jojoba oil. It doesn't take much--just a quarter-teaspoon or so at a time, rubbed in until it's mostly absorbed. The same is true for my lotions and body butters.

Last, but not least: If you don't want scents in your bath, or to continue enjoying the aromas after leaving the bathroom, check out my variety of wax melts and/or feel free to place a custom order.

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