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What Makes Your Product or Service Valuable?

My products are all 99.9-100% natural and plant-based. Many of my ingredients are food-grade as I believe, with some exceptions, that this is the best route to safe and effective skincare. Some have said that the word "natural" is somewhat overused in today's society. It has come to encompass "naturally-derived" ingredients and products that are "mostly" natural or even, in some cases, only actually have "some" natural ingredients. I can see marketing divisions releasing a "naturals" line, arguing that it qualifies because it is "based" in natural-derived ingredients, or even is merely patterned after natural ingredients. I phrase it this way because I don't work for those marketing divisions; therefore, I don't know what they're thinking. I only know that I often look at "naturals" lines and find ingredients like sodium lauryl sulfate, synthetic fragrances, synthetic colorants, and various other unrecognizable ingredients with chemical names, often synthetic in origin. I believe there is a place for safe synthetics. At Mariesé, that place is the containers my products go in, the ink on the labels, the equipment I use, and the .1% of preservative I put in some of my products.

As the owner, producer, marketing person, etc., I research all of my products beforehand. I also research the ingredient sources I'm not familiar with and strive to buy the best quality ingredients I can. I don't like imitation extracts, I don't like propylene glycol, I want only therapeutic grade and 100% pure essential oils, and I believe in personally using as many of my recipes as possible--often before they're even for sale. I even tested the beard oils in a cologne capacity before seeking feedback from the men that requested them. They smell fantastic, absorb quickly, and they love them, as do I. So far, my products have consistently been referred to by others as "amazing," "better than Lush," and "rich quality." A customer with lupus loves my regular lotion because it is 'hydrating, moisturizing, and non-aggravating' to her skin. Another customer likes that my orange-eucalyptus lotion has "the best smell" of all the handmade and organic products she's been trying lately and that it absorbs quickly and isn't greasy. your social media marketing partner